Chania Salsa Festival Competition 2019



Salsa Solo Junior and children

One female dancer , developing a choreography of salsa, showing a clear  footwork (shines), musicality, technique, etc. 

Salsa Groups junior 

The division consists of dancers being 13 to 18 years old , having at least 3 dancers in each team of Salsa groups, in order to enable their participation in the category.


  • Salsa Children Soloist Girl: (5-12 years old)
  • Salsa Junior Soloist Girl: (13-18 years old)
  • Salsa Group Junior: (at least 3 dancers 13-18 years old per team)


The Salsa soloists must:

  • Present their choreography with a minimum time of 1.10 minutes and a maximum of 1.30 minutes (including intro).
  • Meet a minimum of 80% of the musical genre that will be danced, allowing mixture of several songs during the presentation. It is not allowed to mix genres that are not in this category, with the exception of salsa songs that include Cha cha cha genre, complying with a permitted mix of maximum 20 seconds.

The Salsa groups must:

  • Present their choreography with a minimum time of 2.30 minutes and a maximum of 3.00 minutes (including intro).
  • Meet a minimum of 80% of the musical genre that will be danced, allowing a mixture of several songs during the presentation. It is not allowed to mix genres which are not in this category,with the exception of Salsa songs that include Cha cha cha genre, complying with a permitted mix of maximum 20 seconds


-TWISTS: All divisions will have a maximum of 8 bars / 32 beats / 4 phrases of 8 times for continuous turns. If you exceed the allowed turns, you will have a 10% penalty on your final score.

-OUTFIT: Dancers must wear a professional outfit, professional shoes and mandatory net stockings for women. It is requested to take care of the non-use of jeans, shirts and / or sneakers, unless the jury takes it as a personal preference of the couple or group, according to the dance that is being shown. The use of elements other than clothing (Props) is prohibited. The use of Panties (G-Strings) or pantyhose is prohibited. In the case of kids’ categories, girls may wear shorts.


In order to carry out the opening of the competition division, you must have at least 3 soloists or registered groups. If this requirement is not met, the competition cannot be carried out and will be cancelled.

Chania Salsa Festival reserve the right to record and use footage from the event, for marketing, advertising, promotional, photography and DVD purposes during and after the competitions.

All music needs to be at the speed the dancers require for the competition. The DJ will not be allowed to play the music faster or slower than it was recorded! 

All dancers of all divisions are required to bring their own song (depending on the division) at the rehearsal time, pre recorded and mixed as an MP3 file on a Memory Stick / USB, even if the music has been mailed in advance. Music will NOT be accepted if it is not on a Memory Stick/ USB. This means: NO IPOD, NO IPHONE, NO LAPTOP. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR MUSIC WORKS! If you would like to send us your song ahead of time per email in order  to make sure your music is ready for the event, this needs to be done by Sunday 8thof September 2019. 

Send your music to: You need to include: name, team or soloist, division, name of song and artist. THE MUSIC MUST BE IN MP3 FORMAT! The same info will be needed when you bring to us the Memory Stick/ USB. No Memory Stick / USB will be accepted without this information.


Time. The dancers may decide to dance either On1 or On2, and whatever the time of their choice, they must maintain it throughout the choreography and it will be counted in 4-beat measures.

Musicality. The dancers will demonstrate their skills, creativity and dexterity, in the musical execution, this by means of free passage, tricks and musical accents according to the synchronization that goes according to the musical arrangement.

Technique. It refers to the perfect execution of the movement, with clarity and without effort that allows seeing the lines of the body perfectly defined with naturalness and balance at the moment of executing the routine. The execution of the technique of the dance genre that is being studied will also be taken into account. 

Difficulty. It is the movement that needed an effort alone or together for its execution and that will be successful. For example: Complexity, diversity, displacement and mastery of movements, different rhythmic patterns and variants in combinations.

Connection of the dancer. It is the complicity of the dancer at the time of the execution of the routine, and reflects a uniformed development and contagion to the public with their sample.

Choreography and Originality. Development, dance evolution, style, complexity, movements, synchronization, as well as originality will be qualified, use of new resources adaptable to the choreography and creativity of the same, without losing the essence of the genre that is doing.

Scenic and general presence. The dancer or group will be evaluated for its presentation in general, aesthetics, hairstyle, costumes, make-up as a whole, as well as its attitude of the dancer or dancers on stage.


All competitors must send an email , for participating at specifying the division/ name (name of team). We will reply to you and you should follow the steps/ directions we send you in order to complete your registration. In case you will not follow the directions your registration is not completed and NOT valid.

All competitors for Chania Salsa Festival Dance Cup should pass by the Registration Office on Friday 13th September 2019 to receive their wristband, sign the liability release form and receive competition numbers.

What should each competitor pay?

Each competitor must pay the fee of the division in which she is going to compete

What is the Division Fee?

Each dancer or team must pay the fee of each category in which they wish to participate.


Division Fees 

Salsa Children Soloist Girl: (5-12 years old)30€

Salsa Junior Soloist Girl: (13-18 years old)30€

Salsa Team Junior: (13-18 years old at least 3 competitors per team): 15€ per person